Lost in the City

Lost in the City

Lost in the City is an interesting blend of hidden object and adventure game
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Lost in the City is an interesting blend of a hidden object and an adventure game. In this game you play as a boy, who has been drugged, apparently by the girl he recently met, and wakes up in the basement of an abandoned building. From that moment he starts collecting clues to solve the mystery and find out whether the girl is connected to this. To do this he looks for the items listed as "missions". Some of the objects can be used to discover others. For instance, first you are asked to find a hammer, which you will later use to destroy a statue to find one of the other requested items inside.
These games are not really difficult, but the graphics are not very detailed and sometimes it is difficult to distinguish certain objects. Throughout the game, you will visit different mysterious locations that seem to have been prepared for you. The game is also full of mini-games, generally puzzles, which are fun but get a little bit repetitive after some time. Fortunately, you can skip them using the S.O.S. button, which in hidden object games functions as hints.

The game includes two modes, one timed (Classic), and another untimed (Light). In Classic mode, you have ten minutes to solve all the puzzles, but you are awarded points when you complete the missions, which can be later exchanged for secrets in the game's store.

All in all, Lost in the City is an interesting game that manages to keep an intriguing and mysterious atmosphere until the end, when you finally discover the truth.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Intriguing atmosphere
  • Very enjoyable
  • Good length
  • Two modes


  • MIni-games are very repetitive and not really challenging
  • Graphics are not very detailed
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